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Company Profile
There are inflatable boats and there's WaterCrafts inflatable boats, built in Cape Town, South Africa. It's here that all the essential components are made and assembled to create our Inflatable boat range - the reinforced fibreglass hulls, the Balsa core moulded decks, the hard wearing thermo welded tube's and even the graphics on some of the boats to ensure a superior product.

The only way we can assure world class quality is to manufacture everything on site. Each boat is constructed by skilled boat builders and state of the art equipment, from bow to stern.

Watercraft utilizes the latest technology and international trends in our manufacturing processes.

Quality and Availability
All GRP laminate (Fibreglass) components are pre-manufactured, to ensure quality is checked and availability is constant

Pontoon / Tube Manufacture
Pontoon / tube manufacturing is the best in the country, as we utilize the hot air welding process to ensure an unbreakable seam sealed with welded strips on both sides of the seam.

Production Materials
We also use Valmex PVC and Ceredi Italy accessories, which is considered to be the best by the leading international inflatable boat manufacturers

Production Processes
We have streamlined our production processes to ensure unsurpassed quality at the most affordable prices, the savings on limiting wastages are passed on to the customer, hence making all our customers benefit by the best quality products at the cheapest price.

GRP Laminate Optional Equipment
We have a comprehensive range of consoles, hatches and seats to suit any boat.

We also specialise in fibreglass repairs and re-pontoons of all other manufacturers boats, as our process is second to none, and as this is sometimes the most cost effective solution for the customer (eg a 4m boat will cost a customer R1950x4m=R7800 + 14% vat = R8892) this would include welded seams and baffles, rope, rope holders, 4 handles, one stripe, one layer of rubbing strake, and Valmex PVC materials 1000gsm to 1450gsm, colour of pontoon and stripe to be determined by customer. We further offer a 15 day lead time (Subject to change, dependant on existing work load constraints) on all re-pontoons. All work and materials are guaranteed for a mandatory 12 months, with 3 years on the Valmex PVC pontoon material and a 5 Year Guarantee on Tubes .

80% of our sales are due to word of mouth referrals; we have a large database of contactable clients into terms of repairs, re-pontoons and new boat sales, and are happy to share this information to any potential customer to ensure peace of mind.
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